• 2019.04.28

    Letting people know that they matter to us

    Have you told someone you appreciate them today?When you let people know good things about them, both of us feel good.We should let people know that they matter to us at least once a day.People who can appreciate others can appreciate themselves.

  • 2019.04.28

    Looking at things from different perspectives

    If you have not experienced something that could be called a turning point in your life, just imagine if you did? Improving your thinking habits and looking at things from different perspectives will bring you new discoveries and determinations.

  • 2019.04.28

    Living by their values and commitments.

    People who live by their values and commitments think they are generous to others and attractive.Your commitment will determine how the rest of your life plays out.A self-reliant attitude creates good relationships with others.

  • 2019.04.28

    Don’t be satisfied with just hearing.

    If you don’t output your learning into actions, there is no meaning to what you learned. Let’s move and do something, do not be satisfied with just hearing. By doing so, the money spent on learning will be an investment in your life and will certainly lead to a return.

  • 2019.03.28

    When you are in a difficult situation

    When you are in a difficult situation, it is like playing a game.“What is this trying to teach me?” “What is the message behind this … “ Always ask yourself a question. Think and understand whatever you are seeing then you ask what you can learn from it.