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Tomomi Elena Hasegawa
Beauty & Life Creator

Sharing her body and mind beauty as well as her creative and free lifestyle from the beach town Hayama in Japan to the world!

Tomomi Elena Hasegawa is a speaker, bestselling author who published 9 books in Japan, and the founder of the Beauty Life Academy in Tokyo.
This is a school in which you find meaning and purpose for your own wellbeing.
You will also find her organic earth-friendly concept of product online store as well.

Today, Elena is spreading her wisdom, beliefs, and philosophy of wellbeing while traveling the world and throughout Japan. She has been featured in Japanese TV shows, radio stations, social media, and many magazines.


  • 1981

    Born on October 04,1981
    in Choshi, Chiba Japan.

  • 1998

    She left high school in Chiba,
    started living in Tokyo by herself.

  • 1999

    In Tokyo she was admired by many young girls. She was featured on TV shows and modeling for magazines while she was working at the most popular department store called “109” in Shibuya.

  • 2003

    Started her own beauty salon business and soon after opened Client only beauty spa in Nishi-Shinjuku.

  • 2007

    After opening the Shirogane branch, she established her own company, LUMIERE CO., Ltd.
    Later on, she opened one branch in Fukuoka and five branches in Tokyo.

  • 2011

    Her husband passed away tragically. This resulted in her decision to reassess her outlook on life. She left her successful business and decided to restart a new chapter, by traveling the world and spreading her wisdom and believes throughout Japan.

  • 2014

    Published her first book.
    At the same time, featured on TV shows in Japan as influenced people.
    She was on radio stations, Japanese TV shows, SNS, and traveled as a speaker. She had published 8 books by 2018.

  • 2015

    After 17 years of her busy life in Tokyo, moved to Hayama. She lives a more relaxed lifestyle at the beach with her significant other and four dogs.
    Today, she is spreading her message from Hayama to the whole country and the world through her books and self-media.

  • 2019

    Began World Retreat Tour. Started certifying individuals as Self Retreat Instructors/ Beauty Life Diary Advisers. Franchise started in Japan.